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An essay by Dana Miller on Herrera’s New York work of the 1950s through the 1970s, when Herrera was arriving at and perfecting her signature style of hard edge abstraction, is available to read below.The catalogue also includes essays by Serge Lemoine, Gerardo Mosquera, and Edward J.The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom and the American Kennel Club in the United States recognize only two varieties of Chihuahua: the long coat, and the smooth coat, also referred to as longhaired and shorthaired. The term smooth coat does not mean that the hair is necessarily smooth, as the hair can range from having a velvet touch to a whiskery feeling.Longhaired Chihuahuas are actually smoother to the touch, having soft, fine guard hairs and a downy undercoat, which gives them their fluffy appearance.The Chihuahua's history is convoluted, and there are many theories surrounding the origin of the breed.Both folklore and archaeological finds show that the breed originated in Mexico.Sullivan, as well as an illustrated chronology by Mónica Espinel.Buy now "Virginia Woolf used to say that art has no gender.

Typically, the breed standard for both the long and short coat Chihuahua will be identical except for the description of the coat.

In a 1520 letter, Hernan Cortés wrote that the Aztecs raised and sold the little dogs as food.

Small dogs such as Chihuahuas were also used as living hot-water bottles during illness or injury.

Pet Chihuahuas (that is, those bred or purchased as companions rather than show dogs) often range above these weights, even above ten pounds if they have large bone structures or are allowed to become overweight.

This does not mean that they are not purebred Chihuahuas; they just do not meet the requirements to enter a conformation show.

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