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"There will need to be some Hi Pi Hi nannies—it can't permit a lot of the things that Second Life permits," says David Wolf, CEO of Wolf Group Asia, a Beijing-based consultancy."It will be Second Life with Chinese characteristics." Keep up with this story and more What's more, any virtual commerce that arises in Hi Pi Hi will be subject to Beijing's unpredictable and at times heavy-handed policymaking."I think this is a major problem."A wholesome virtual world, on the other hand, might appeal to Chinese women and parents.Ironically, China's rigid controls on Internet content could actually help differentiate Hi Pi Hi in the global market as a kinder, more family-friendly version of Second Life. Xu is a successful, well-connected businessman who was rated one of China's top 10 Internet entrepreneurs by the Chinese media in 1999.Zhao Gang surveys his nearly empty virtual world, and finds it to be good.

But the tawdry Sin City is about to get cleaned up.

With the virtual world's basic landscape complete, one of Zhao's jobs these days is to wander Hi Pi Hi, schooling roughly 10,000 ethnic Chinese from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore who have been specially invited into the test phase to help work out the kinks.

The "residents," as they're called, roam, swim and fly around the new world. Face to face with the virtual world's Master Builder, they have an urgent question: "Can you tell us how to change our clothes?

Hi Pi Hi's 38-year-old CEO and founder, Xu Hui, has ambitious goals: he plans to sign up 100,000 users in the first three months.

Then he wants to branch out through partnerships with U.

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