It is the only representative organisation for veterinary nurses and other veterinary support staff in the UK.

“The aim of the British Veterinary Nursing Association is to promote animal health and welfare through the on going development of professional excellence in veterinary nursing”.

1919 NVA reconstituted as National Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA). The UK Parliament noted the anniversary with an Early Day Motion.

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Thomas Turner was the first President of the RCVS, from 1844-1851. 1882 The National Veterinary Association (NVA), later the British Veterinary Association, was formed.

The following year the NVA held its first annual general meeting and elected George Fleming as its first President. 2011 BVA joined veterinary associations across the globe to celebrate World Veterinary Year Vet to mark the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the world’s first veterinary school in Lyon, France in 1761.

The aims of the British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group are to study and advance the standards of veterinary dermatology in all small animals.

There are approximately 300 members drawn from private veterinary practice, university veterinary schools and industry.

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