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I'm an artist and I find all aspects of the human experience fascinating.

I am 34, an Italian mixed heritage from Long Island NY. i am waiting to see you mail in my box Your Favourhi there,am sachine single dad For Three For Three yrs old,never been married am from mauritius.looking for a stable relationship skype me as am not very often here on this site.\r\nmine is mohit One Nine Eight For Zero One or whatsapp Two Three For Zero Five Eight Two One Six Four Six For Zero or Two Three For Zero Five Nine One One Two Four Four Three \r\nplz feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about my personality.i am a ghanaian , l love to be with you . black or white, chris or muslim , rich or poor, we are one people , earth is one , God create Adam , later for eth which means that we are one peoples. I'm very interested in how this kind if thing can be applied to real life.

We had been married for four years after graduating from business school.

We met at a job in New York, City with an international consulting firm specializing in Middle East marketing and business development.

We had a particularly large amount of business with a wealthy merchant from Bahrain.

His name is Faizi, and I had gotten to know him very well after taking the lead on his account for the last two years.


Im 34 and im looking for a rich man to take care of me. Hi, I am a British Muslim women, 23 years of age currently livin in Dubai and seeking friendship.

He was 45 years old and a very handsome man at six feet tall and about 180 pounds, and he wore a neatly-trimmed full beard and had a dark-olive complexion.

He always treated me with respect and he also gave me very expensive gifts to show his appreciation for my service to his companies.

i have tried to look for a good woman, but i have not found one so far, finding a perfect woman is very hard in where i live and its time for me to start enjoying life with a beautiful and attractive women who wants everything in life. if you have any barrier, hesitation or problem of exchanging pictures, please dont take trouble of writing back. Im only a human being who is a God fearer and have only love to give.

Hi and from me , I'm from East Europe , can say I look good , 175 cm tall -64 kg , blond hair and green eyes . I'll stay in London in the next few mouths , I also undrestand that I can't wait from you the inpossible , but will be good for my daily live to have some financy support . ratan dot chakraborty at raymond dot inhello, Ilove to be with you , how are dong ?

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  1. Kontaktrisiken können nicht nur in sozialen Netzwerken auftreten, sondern überall dort, wo Menschen via mediengestützter Formen miteinander kommunizieren.