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As the model minority, Asian men are generally associated with positive traits like faithfulness, family-orientation, and financially stability.Yet, judging by the lack of Asian Male interracial couples, we are still not viewed as a viable choice. The fanaticism with Asian men probably started with the increased availability of Asian media in America. Now attractive Asian men are common on American TVs and computers with boy bands, dramas, and Kung Fu movies.After I studied abroad in Japan in high school, I brought back tons of Jpop that turned several of my girl friends into crazed fangirls who kissed their posters of male Jpop stars before bed and ordered cds and plush dolls off of ebay (high school girls are always the biggest fanatics).It’s not sexual prowess, says one Chinese woman, because out of all her ex-boyfriends, the best one in bed was a Chinese guy from college.

There’s this idea that Asian men are passive and weak so when an Asian man exudes confidence and sexuality he’s unique.It’s because that same attribute of being respectful to others causes Asian men to think they’re intruding or being rude when showing interest to white women.There’s this guilt that showing your sexual interest towards women is a bad thing.For the fanatics at least, a trip to China most likely includes dating; for the other girls, there’s not much taboo about it.In China everyone is very surprised that a western girl would choose an Asian man, but in truth, there isn’t as much of a stigma about it as everyone seems to think there is.

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