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If you're worried this person will think you're a dickhead for calling too soon, then 1) they sound a bit dim so maybe you shouldn’t call at all and 2) try to make a joke or gesture of it.

Doing it in person when you’ve not been together long prolongs the agony and makes or more of a drama than it needs to be."I could've waited three days to call but it's a stupid rule and I really like you." If they don't go for this perfectly charming response then f**k them, frankly.

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In a recent Ask Reddit thread, guys talked about what they think the worst advice women give other women is.Would you be able to be like, “Well, actually, I just don’t think he’s that into you.” Or would you be more likely to try to come up with an excuse so you don’t completely crush her?It’s hard to be honest with people when it comes to matters of the heart, and that’s where a lot of bad dating advice comes from.Source: Shutter Stock Sage Of The Wise Male: The idea that men would never date someone they slept with first, so you have to make sure to hold off.Source: Shutter Stock makesmecringe: They're unwilling to point out their friend's faults at the risk of hurting their feelings.

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Also: pathologically despising someone is the best way to get over them, and let’s just say they won’t be your biggest fan once that text alert pings.

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