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The changes were an indicator of a different condition occurring between hours and days before death.Second, the experts contradicted Traylor’s testimony that there was “really no accurate way to date a bruise” when he testified about the injuries to the boy’s lips.Lott said that Crawford told her the boy had fallen in the bathroom the night before.Paramedics testified that when they came to the house in response to the 911 call, Crawford said the boy had fallen off the sofa-bed—a statement that Crawford denied he ever made.One family member testified that the boy also had a wheeze.When he was eight months old, Roderius had been treated at a hospital for an upper respiratory infection.

He cited Jesus as saying, “To the adult, who would harm one of these, (referring to children) woe be unto you, who would harm one of these. And that's why I think that we should not lightly disregard His words when He talks about what He would do to someone who hurt one of these..He would do.”The defense moved for a new trial on the basis that Cox misquoted and misinterpreted biblical authority in the argument that Jesus would punish one who harms a child with the death penalty and thus violated Crawford’s right to a fair trial.Although the acute symptoms subsided, he frequently had cold symptoms.Detectives testified that Crawford told them that he was preparing to give the boy a bath two nights before he died, and the boy had fallen in the bathroom when Crawford left him alone briefly to get a towel.Thoma said his opinion as to the cause of death was strengthened by other areas of bruising, suggestive of “multiple episodes of abuse,” although he conceded they had nothing to do with the suffocation.Thoma also said the boy’s bronchopneumonia “was not significant enough to have killed the child” and had nothing to do with his death. Daniel Joseph Spitz, a forensic pathologist and chief medical examiner for two counties in Michigan, as well as an assistant professor of pathology at Wayne State University, a clinical educator at Michigan State University, and a private consultant.

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