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The researchers used data from two samples of speed daters, who filled out questionnaires about more than 100 traits and preferences and then met in a series of four-minute dates.Afterward, the participants rated their interactions, indicating level of interest in and sexual attraction to each person they met.For a moment, think of the worst first date you ever went on.

"We found we cannot anticipate how much individuals will uniquely desire each other in a speed-dating context with any meaningful level of accuracy," Joel said.Dating is stressful—it takes us out of comfort zone and throws us into a situation with a new person. Now imagine a situation that throws these feelings into hyper speed—namely, speed dating.We do not know how the date will go, what the topics of conversation will be, and how the date will end (Breakfast? In a typical speed dating event, single adults go on 8-12 dates in an evening that each last about 8 minutes.The study, which used speed dating data, found a computer could predict who is desirable and how much someone would desire others -- who's hot and who's not -- but it could not unravel the mystery of unique desire for a specific person."Attraction for a particular person may be difficult or impossible to predict before two people have actually met," said Samantha Joel, a University of Utah psychology professor and lead author. There is a shared experience that happens when you meet someone that can't be predicted beforehand." The study, "Is Romantic Desire Predictable?

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But it does take slightly more than 27 stalls full of vegan treats, musicians, organisations, beers and hordes of like-minded people to get me acting like a kid at Christmas. Equally, said date wouldn’t have to endure the mate-ribbing that comes as part of the “dating-a-vegan” package when you’re not one yourself. I suspected that most males who rocked up for this plant-based romance-fest were going to be in their twenties. Needless to say, the Fair Isle sweater and the flowerpot hat didn’t get a yes from me. “I don’t know if you ticked me, but I ticked you, and I’ve got to catch a train,” he explained, before bolting off.

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