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That statute states that the person must know, or believe that the person is a minor.

Although when dealing with people on a real basis there is little age affirmation defense.

If she represented herself as a 18, then anything exchange between that period and the time that you learned she was 17 is of no consequence because in order to convict it needs to be shown that you knew, or should have known the person was underage. Furnishing harmful items to minors; internet activity; classification; definitions A.

Once she announced she was 17 and you if you send text containing sexual conversation, then you are open to prosecution for that conduct. It is unlawful for any person, with knowledge of the character of the item involved, to intentionally or in this state will receive the item.

However, when dealing with internet traffic there are age affirmation defenses because without cooborating evidence there is not way to determine age, whereas in a real setting there are additional verifications that can take place.

What the statute says is that if the person knows or believes that the recipient is a minor, you're in trouble.

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she is in another state and i have never met her I can't answer that question, but I will say this: I assume any 'girl' wanting to suddenly chat with me on the internet is really a guy. I would take a photo of the text message, take the photo to the local police station, and ask them how to deal with it. Pro Tip: NEVER ENGAGE IN SEX TALK ON THE INTERNET WITH TOTAL STRANGERS.

I assume any 'girl' wanting to suddenly sex chat with me on the internet is really a guy wearing a badge. If you're a good guy, it's best to behave like a good guy, and that's the kind of thing a good guy would do. Because, as the old cartoon goes, on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Or a cop looking to bust someone looking to meet up with a minor for sex.

I was not out looking for under aged girls and was specifically looking for 18 and older. = Guy In Real Life Common sense from when you were six years old, don't talk to strangers.

if anything im guilty of being a good person who believed a liar if her dad had submitted my info to the police how long before i would know if he truly did or he was just trying to scare me? If I were you in this situation, I would take the tack that you have been carrying on legitimate conversations with an unstable person, and then you got a text message from an unknown person threatening to kill you.

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