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The children eventually throw torches onto the doll as they all imagine that the evil spirits in the village go up in smoke along with the effigy.

Czech Easter (Velikonoce) meaning "great nights" In the years before 1989, the celebrations of Easter were limited to merely the welcoming of Spring.

Easter is one of the most joyful holidays in the Czech nation.

Easter Eggs and Kraslice Kraslice is the Czech name for the hand-painted and decorated Easter eggs that girls create to give to boys on Easter Monday.

Next, old shirts, pants and socks would be stuffed with straw and a pointed hat would be placed on top.

This mass of clothing would be tied to a broomstick set aside.

In many villages, groups of happy men can be seen strolling along the roads.As the witch burns up, so does the chill of the winter.In some villages, children play a larger role in creating bonfires.After dark, over a roaring file, people would then roast sausages, play musical instruments and sing folk songs.After nightfall, the effigy would be brought out in the open and thrown on the fire for all to see it burn.

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