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In the aftermath of Edwina Currie’s four-year affair with John Major, the former Tory health minister continued writing her hard-hitting, sharp and deliciously indiscreet diaries.Now serialised in the Mail, they begin just after the 1992 Conservative election win, with her former lover Prime Minister... Well, we won the election and I was offered a job, and I turned it down.

Fortunately, it looks as if Huddersfield will take her anyway: the Admissions Tutor told her dolefully that most of the other applicants had done even worse.He heard and flipped — a pretty stupid thing to do, knowing the kids were tired and tense after exams.Instead of dropping it, the teacher complained to the Head and Deb was carpeted.Angela was angry with Wakeham, whom she felt had let the PM down.(I remember seeing him and his little entourage going into the members’ cloakroom about 5.30pm that evening, looking very shifty indeed, a real ‘plotting’ air about them.

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According to a monumentally catty article this week, he’s lonely and has had trouble eating and getting his shirts washed.

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