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but ok, thing is that i want to put new caps on it and after making a big research (on my knoweldge) on googel i couldnt find a schematic for the PA where tell me the Values of the Filter Caps, (microfarads, VDC, etc).can some of you tell me wich are the correct values of every filter cap and its order from right to left?

The PA-100 and 135 were made in the 1970s, but their exact manufacturing date is unknown. This bruiser has 135 watts RMS and uses the scripted tailless decal of the time.This amp was so clean I really do believe that is what he used it for.It even had the price sticker from the music store still on the back of the head. but mine hasnt that lucky church usage mine is completely useless.... yes brutally pull out, im not shure if that guy its okay after doing that without discharging the caps first....please i want this baby to rock again o, btw the hum pot is also disconnected. _________________"Here's why reliability is job one: A great sounding amp that breaks down goes from being a favorite piece of gear to a useless piece of crap in less time than it takes to read this sentence." -- BRUCE ZINKYWhen I first got my PA 100 I found a layout that showed the caps and how they were laid out and the values.They were laid out the same as their counterparts the Twin Reverb 100 watt and the Dual Showman 100 watt.

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