Dating older self conscience

It's just a bunch of words and I haven't gained any knowledge that's going to alter my life.

Both women and men were brought up with certain expectations of the way There were no smart phones, or texting when you were born.There's nothing wrong with that -- it's a personal choice. As a life coach I always raise a few initial thought-provoking questions.Many of them are nice guys, good citizens and the backbone of America. Yet most of these guys don't have a great history with relationships either. Despite all I've stated above there are many interesting, talented and nice guys who are desperately seeking rewarding relationships. Hey, we're all getting older and don't look as good as we used to. Many of them are part of Mind Acrobatics™ exercises.In an attempt to sound agreeable and fair minded I could claim guys who don't or won't date women their own age are either: If we are going to scratch the surface of the cultural/dating minefield then we must be open and forthcoming.Before we explore -- let's keep our sense of humor, perhaps one of life's most important qualities.

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