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The Buckeyes are the only team in the Big Ten with an all-time winning record over Purdue and it is born out of a recent stretch where they have won 23 of the last 29 meetings. It has given up 70 points to one of the worst scoring teams in the nation in a loss.

Since starting the season 13-5 and 3-2 in Big Ten play Purdue has gone a dismal 2-11 and has managed to look worse every week. It has lost eight straight away from Mackey Arena and three in a row in Mackey.

You're telling me that Purdue, with more "stars" from the last three recruiting classes can't play hard like Nebraska and come together next season and return to the tournament?Often times this resulted in china being shipped to customers with date codes that preceded the order by as much as two or three years.Occasionally a piece surfaces today from this period where the date code is much older than the first recorded production of a particular design--a result of this practice.His 2014 recruiting class is his third straight that is rated in the top 20 nationally, making his roster next season the most talented top to bottom of his tenure.This season was also a major step back, and the youth at many positions cannot be used as an excuse any longer. This season was a disaster that will probably be put out of its misery some time Thursday afternoon by Ohio State.

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I know coach Painter is a good coach and is trying to push those same values, but for some reason it is not getting through: "We have to recruit a more unselfish player. Hammons could bolt to the NBA, even though I think it would be ridiculously stupid for him to go right now.

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