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They used Hull's drive theory, where a drive is a need that stimulates a behavioral response, crucially conceiving a drive of imitation, which was positively reinforced by social interaction and widespread as a result.

His theories moved away from the strictly behaviorist learning of the past, and considered instead the holistic interaction between the individual and the environment.

Social learning theory integrated behavioral and cognitive theories of learning in order to provide a comprehensive model that could account for the wide range of learning experiences that occur in the real world.

As initially outlined by Bandura and Walters in 1963 Typical stimulus-response theories rely entirely upon direct experience (of the stimulus) to inform behavior.

While his theory used vocabulary common to that of behaviorism, the focus on internal functioning and traits differentiated his theories, and can be seen as a precursor to more cognitive approaches to learning.

In his review, Chomsky stated that pure stimulus-response theories of behavior could not account for the process of language acquisition, an argument that contributed significantly to psychology's cognitive revolution.

He theorized that "human beings are somehow specially designed to" understand and acquire language, ascribing a definite but unknown cognitive mechanism to it.

The theory builds on extant social theory by suggesting that social learning abilities, like Bandura's cognitive processes required for modeling, correlate with other forms of intelligence and learning.In his theory, the social environment and individual personality created probabilities of behavior, and the reinforcement of these behaviors led to learning.He emphasized the subjective nature of the responses and effectiveness of reinforcement types.This could lead to the child becoming desensitized to violence, which in turn will likely affect the child's real life behaviors.Social learning theory draws heavily on the concept of modeling as described above.

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