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They may be accumulating technical debt at an unsustainable rate.A company established for 6 years has demonstrated that it is well past most of these risks.I started it in 2006 as something between a hobby and a dare.

Against all expectations, I got very good at organic SEO and Ad Words optimizations for BCC. I blogged extensively about running BCC from 2006 through 2014, with rather fewer posts since 2012 or so.

Content was not getting added to the website for years, due to a freelancer quitting and me not spending enough time to identify and onboard a replacement.

Starfighter was also coming down the pipe when I sold BCC. Finally, like disposing of any asset, money was a consideration.

For similar reasons, buyers do not want to buy something which is hugely technically ambitious. BCC had a very mature code base and mostly sane choices made (a Rails app…

a creaky, ugly Rails app, but still a Rails app), so this broke in my favor.

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