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While waiting on the ice patch, Hare and his team spotted an antler arrow point half buried in the ice. They pulled it out and discovered a copper end blade attached.

"It was so fortuitous that those caribou were on that patch, that the television crew wanted to film that, that we landed at this little scruffy patch," said Hare.

Enjoy live music and dancing outside the Czech Building and stick around for the Czech royalty coronation that wraps up the festival.

If you are looking for an easy way to find dating success, you have everything to gain from joining Just Yukon Dating.

Plus, if one date does not work out, you can simply browse through more profiles to find potential matches.

The Yukon Territory offers plenty of entertainment for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, canoeing, skiing or hiking.

Today, the city is known as the Czech Capital of Oklahoma and celebrates that fact with a Czech mural, museum, dance hall and festival.

Begin your tour of Yukon with a stop at the Czech Mural, located on the Oklahoma Czechs Inc. The mural was created in 1989 by Oklahoma City-based artist Bill Firquain, and it shows a scene of the 1490 Prague Town Hall clock.

If your date agrees, ask them to contribute ideas for another fun excursion while offering some ideas of your own.

Yukon also hosts several music festivals, including the Dawson Music Festival, which are entertaining venues for dating.

When meeting up with several Yukon singles, you will likely find at least one person whom you would like to continue seeing after the first date.

If you and a prospective online date share an interest in observing nature and wildlife, you may wish to set up a first date at a Yukon park such as the Tombstone Territorial Park or the Coral River Spring Territorial Park.

Since many first dates involve eating a casual meal, Yukon dating participants can take advantage of local bars and restaurants.

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