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Our site is unique because it blends not only traditional online dating but also includes our staff matchmakers who can hand select your matches and make an introduction.Please fill out the join form above - its free to make an account and give our site a no-obligation, free test run. Sorry but it was this was almost 7 yrs ago and I tried it for a couple months.It took a long time to actually be able to email a person that you had a match with.

Constantly worried about liers and what I really looked like.I think the key was neither of us lied to each other.We shared true pictures and were who we stated to be. If you are going to lie about what you look like then what else will you lie about.By the way, when w went through pre-marital counseling our pastor was amazed at how well we knew each other. lol When I tried out eharoney I did not ever develop a relationship over the internet or in person.Only talking for 5 1/2 months let us get to know each other very well, but again it comes back to the honesty thing. I tried it out and realized it was chalk full of loosers.

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