Decor updating classic style home

You can also use distressed finishing to the wood flooring which will make it look antique.Of course you do not need to use distressed look to all items since you can always combine new and old item together, use it in moderate.There is nothing wrong with that, actually it is a very clever thing to do since the style should be able to support your modern lifestyle thus combining it with more modern items also work well.

However in our modern day, the pattern now also used not only in fabric but in a lot of things such as wallpapers and even dining set.

You can try to use several items with the pattern that you like such as bedding, window treatment, pillow case, and even the chair itself.

Building French country look for your house is easy as long as you use the right material and colors.

Use the material everywhere from your wooden kitchen cabinet, marble countertop and flooring.

Apply the color as the wall paint as well as the furniture color.

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