Did drake dating teyana taylor

She previously told Complex of how they clicked: 'Kanye used to always like my outfits.

So from jump we became fashion friends and we’d talk about different clothes and designing different things.

Kanye West found the MTV VMAs spotlight being stolen away from him for a change after he premiered his new video for track Fade.

The 25-year-old singer and dancer was mesmerizing as she contorted and slithered her way around a fictional gym in just a thong.

Teyana took her one-year-old daughter Iman - known as Junie - to the beach in Miami on Friday.

The pair walked hand in hand to the sand, with Teyana carrying a heap of sand toys for their day together.

The 40-year-old instead says she uses makeup and filters in her photos and wouldn’t knife her face because she keloids.

“I have never ever ever in my 40 years on earth cut ANY parts of my FACE ever!!! “Don’t let a filter, an edit, airbrushing, photoshop, makeup, lighting nor angles FOOL YOU!

Deelishis who’s thriving as a Detroit radio host/bodacious Insta-body banger recently posted (and deleted) a photo of herself shouting out an eyelash extension company.

And then I got drunk and I don’t know what happened after that…I woke up and they told me that I had a very good time.

She's the hypnotizing dancer who shot to fame with her memorable appearance in a Kanye West video.

We’d email each other different garments that we liked.

That’s how we became friends and super close.'But Teyana knew she had what it takes to be a singer, so cunningly started signing while Kanye was asking for her feedback on some outfits.

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When she's not dancing up a storm in just a thong, the 25-year-old is singing her heart and is signed to Kanye's GOOD Music label plus the pair have known each other for years.

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