Dr drew39s lifechangers interracial dating debate

In other words, you're saying if we mix blue and red to make purple, we will have purple but no blue or red and therefore we should not mix those colors so that we can preserve the original colors.

The problem with this is that we're not dumping all the red and the blue in the world together.

People being at liberty to choose which partner they'd like, does not mean it is ethically or morally right; it simply means that by law, they are at liberty to choose which partner they'd like.

For this reason, I find your statement, "the biggest proponent of diversity is homogeneity," to be quite disturbing.Dogs are a great example as to why this simply isn't true.When you cross two homogenous dogs-- let's say two labs-- what is the result? What happens when you cross a labrador and a beagle?The two parents die off, and now Asian is lost, and the only remaining product is a Mixed child.In effect, we've just lost 3 races, for the creation of 1.

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