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On the other hand, if the Double Entendre fails to be funny on the obvious level, it can result in a show which is "safe" for broadcast in family time slots but which younger viewers do not enjoy.In other words, the joke has to work well in both ways.Named among top travel destinations worldwide, Finland excites year-round with its natural beauty, including the iconic nighttime summer sun.Visitors can explore everything from lakes and forests to peat lands and fells.Couples looking for a little romance should consider a sunset sail through San Francisco Bay, martinis at Top of the Mark, and admiring the Bay Lights on the western span of Bay Bridge.Traditional couples wanting the classic San Fran experience will want to visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Coit Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Explore the beaches of Costa Rica, Michigan, Oregon, North Carolina and California.

William Shakespeare was very fond of this device as well. When the non-sexual meaning is perfectly clear but the innuendos continue, it's Does This Remind You of Anything? When the non-sexual meaning doesn't make any sense, this can constitute an Unusual Euphemism.

When the sexual meaning has been lost due to language change, it's Get Thee to a Nunnery. Simmons: Okay, change of plans: Donut, you're in the middle.

British comedy is especially fond of the device, especially when the joke "works" on both levels.

The Double Entendre predates television, of course. " When the viewer is specifically led toward the sexual meaning until The Reveal, this is an Innocent Innuendo.

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