Foster siblings dating

Callie refuses and tells him that she would only be sent back to juvie, and that Jude would be stuck there forever.Brandon blows off the music finals to help Callie look for Jude.

Back in the van, Callie apologizes to Brandon for putting him in the situation and tells him that he didn't have to come, to which he replies, "Yes, I did." Consequently Stef tells Brandon that his actions last night were reckless and out of character and that the situation could have ended much worse.

She tells him she is trying to avoid eating in the quad area because she doesn't know who to sit with.

Callie tells Brandon that he probably got out of trouble so easily because he never does anything wrong.

Later that night, Callie later sneakily borrows his phone to call Jude.

The following day, Brandon practices for the music finals before school begins.

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