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By the end of the 13th century there were wars between Brabant and Gelderland (the Limburg Succession Wars) over Limburg.The Count of Guelders was defeated in 1288 at Woeringen and had to give southern Limburg (an area in present Belgium) to Brabant.

The Dukes of Brabant, the Counts of Gelre and the bishops of Liege also held areas in Limburg.

The provincies are the traditional foundation under the Netherlands.

In the year 1579 zeven of them founded the republic of the seven united provinces (The Union of Utrecht). Some parts of the present province (called the lands over the river Meuse) were under the direct rule of the States-General in the Hague.

Limburg was then inhabited by Romans, Gallo-Romans and new Germanic inhabitants, the Sugambren.

The Gallo-Roman culture urged by the main centres, the towns Trajectum ad Mosam (Maastricht) and Coriovallum (Heerlen).

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