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Second report to the World Health Organization by Odd Reiersøl and Svein Skeid Glossaries and Reference A glossary of terms and some words of warning about BDSM jargon – Glossary of BDSM in wikipedia – BDSM topics in wikipedia Wipipedia, fetish and BDSM encyclopedia Kink Wiki BDSM Backroom Dictionary A Glossary of Scene Slang BDSM Glossary BDSM and fetish books: searchable international bibliography BISAM Starting out, Relationships, Dating, Personals Tip sheet for beginners by Lady Green and Jay Wiseman Overcoming fear by Jack Rinella Advice to a novice dominant Pages/– How can I learn to be a good top? Lord Saber’s views on being a novice dom Lord Saber’s views on being a novice sub The good girl’s guide to domination by Akasha Domination for nice guys by Franklin Veaux Novice – Ten tips for the novice, single, heterosexual, submissive woman by Jay Wiseman.(Good advice and warnings to take to heart for any person starting out.) Gaining SM confidence by John Pendal – A beginner’s guide to munches by Jay Wiseman How to write an effective personal by Atheris.Nobody else can ever determine what you are ‘supposed to like’ or how you are ‘supposed to feel’.Only you can discover what is good for you, here and now, by trying out things that interest you, leaving aside things that don’t interest you, and by being honest to yourself and the person(s) you are with.

So if you don’t do that, you may not hear back from them.

Whether or not you think you should have to contact somebody else first is beside the point.

You can also learn a lot from what they say in their “About Me” section.

Don’t ever pretend that you like or want something you don’t.

Don’t ever assume that you know what another person likes or doesn’t like – ask them what their own wishes, desires and interests are, and listen to them. Franklin Veaux Sym Toys, Ideas and Scenarios Slave David Stein Latches, support for submissive women – DS Seekers Vanilla-not, a DS Web Center Domsub Info Agony and Ecstasy (archived) The Leather Archives and Museum Chicago Penitential Arts, history on the kinky side Recommended Texts – What is BDSM? By Franklin Veaux How a nice Jewish girl like me became an unrepentant pervert by Gloria Brame Laura Antoniou transcript org/tngc/NC_– Out of the safety zone: codes of conduct and identity in SM communities by Alison M. page=domestic-violence-outreach – New England Leather Alliance Domestic Violence Outreach Are you being abused?

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