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In his simple life there are no excitements, even in long-time relationship with a widow. See full summary » Director: Bruno Barreto Every day, millions of people descend into underground parking garages, get into their cars and drive to the safety of their homes.But tonight, five levels down in a deserted corporate ...

Stars: Josef Sommer, Michael Learned, Katherine Borowitz, Susan Diol COFFEE is a story about Sarah, a woman whose relationship has fallen apart.

Director: Turi Meyer Ann, who lost her daughter in an auto accident, is asked to babysit Katie, the daughter of her new boyfriend Tom's boss. Director: Ken Jubenvill Importing illegal automatic weapons for resale is a big business and Moe is the middleman.

Even with the huge monetary rewards available, he finds that his love life is suffering and he is ... See full summary » Stars: Ronny Cox, Richard Sanders, Amy Locane, Mimi Kennedy While moonlighting as a taxi driver, Billy picks up a young dental student, named Marcy, and she practically moves in with him which frightens him and makes Alison jealous. See full summary » Director: Daniel Attias Alison starts dating a new co-worker who plans to steal her ideas for a sunscreen campaign that Lucy Cabot, Alison's supervisor and vice president of D&D, is working on. See full summary » Director: Steven Robman Jane discovers that she's pregnant, but she doesn't want to tell Michael since he has previously told her that he doesn't want children so early in their marriage. See full summary » Director: Bethany Rooney Jane feels lonely when Michael has no time for her when he comes home late every evening.

Director: Jeffrey Obrow A troubled youth from a split Los Angeles family is sent to a private psychiatric hospital after a violent scrape with the police.

In the hospital, he makes a connection with one of the doctors who has his own problems.

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