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Over 60 different languages are spoken within the city limits and when I was in high school we had students from every single country in the world.So I guess I am just use to IR not being a big deal.The interracial relationships I addressed up above aren't seen as huge of an issue or as controversial as a Black and a white/Latino/Asian dating.

While it’s at least a decent idea in theory, I think it becomes a bit more complex in real life. Let me tell you about three different real-life guys I know and how they’ve reacted to the IR disparity question. I raised the IR issue with him and talked about some of the discussions on this blog.

No disrespect to anyone in that state, but 2 yrs later I came home to what I was use to.

"You are beginning to see a surge of mixed hair in hair salons," says celebrity stylist Ted Gibson of television's "What Not to Wear." His observations jibe with the statistics: says 48% of Americans have engaged in interracial relationships and that 98% of people ages 18 to 29 approve of them.

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Latinos: East Coast Midwest South West Coast Asians: West Coast East Coast South Mid West Black Males: West Coast Midwest South East Coast Black Females: East Coast South West Coast Midwest Yea this isn't really correct.

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