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Of course, the girls don’t know that, so imagine their surprise Good times hehe!8.) Kathy Love’s Bourbon Street Trilogy (a little danger, but mostly just romance).But the way it is now, it’s just wayyyyy too many love/sex interests for me to be able to connect to. I’m currently reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. while I was reading the entire series (first 3 or 4 books really had me), but…my enthusiasm over the series plummeted halfway through it (when the authors pretty much ruined Erik). there is also several new books coming out that i am chomping at t he bit.I continued to read, and enjoyed some of the side stories, but after book#4, I knew this was not a top ten for me. It’s always a go-to for me when I’m looking for a new series. the new Argeneau book is coming out this month and JR wards fallen angel series has one coming out as well soon.Great initiation to a genre that I know I will never stop reading. I also recently started D B Renolds’ Vampires in America which is really starting to get very good. Anne Rice was writing about Louis and Lestat when i started enjoying the world of vampires….never looked back and always look forward to new and thrilling authors and series. I admit one or two of them lost me but for the most part good fun.

Awesome “brotherly” feel with the typical testosterone induced spats and worries, and their insistence on resisting romance. A good male needs his mate, and in this series, the mates are gifted human females that are “specially marked” just for the Breed.All the dead (which is why many of them want to rid themselves of her). I couldn’t put her in my list yet, only because 1.) I haven’t finished the series – lots more to go 2.) After the first 3 books (which I absolutely loved) I needed to slow it down some. The author is new and you can certainly tell in the beginning books. there are several series on amazon that people have you have a problem with major dominance oriented series Vampire Queen is not for you but it is always fun to be a little wicked and stretch your comfort zone.Caught in an emotional roller coaster between Jean-Claude (vampire) and Richard (werewolf), the three of them must try to work it out. But one thing’s for sure, I can’t help but wonder how badly they wish they could back to to the beginning of the series, when it was just the three of ‘em. Okay, maybe with the occasional “Asher” thrown in for fun I guess I might be able to deal with that. Even past Obsidian Butterfly (which happens to be a cut-off point for many). The last 4 or 5 books have not entertained me in the least. It got to be too much for me (all that intense love, and non-stop talking, and obsessing and possessiveness) – again, I like it, just in smaller doses. Each book has like a repeat of what happened previously, but it was a little overboard. The story was just too good, and by the last book she finally had it down and I was much happier. I used to have the House of Night series on this list… i have been looking up and seeing some of the other series that lora leigh has done and am going to get them next month to see if i like them it sounds like the series i am thinking about is like the Vampire queen series.I can hardly wait until June when the next one in this series is released. Was totally in love with BDB (not that I’m not now, just a love that turns into friendship,lol! BDB is the best andthe Twiligh series is great too though the Vampire queen series now that is just plain yummy if you are of a more unusual bent. i didn’t realize there were more then the two i already have. Also, again, has anyone read the “The Rest Falls Away” by Colleen Gleason???I am now reading on my Kindle the newest released book by Jeanine Frost in the Cat and Bones series.

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Luckily, they don’t have to guess or hope they made the right choice, since they “know” who that mate is when they meet them. Non-stop enemy attacks from “true/turned” vampires who want to take over, and one of the most intriguing aspects of the series – an illicit romance that both blooms and spirals onto risky terrain. And how does she handle her heart (and body) that seems to want it all.

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