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The Washington Shakespeare Company production is spare and austere, with the white drapes, wintry branches and statuary scattered about giving everything the feel of an Edward Gorey drawing — all Edwardian gloom and doom.

Both the jacket and the album feature the notation, “Vol.

She finds it with Oliver Mellors, who displays aching tenderness and a crude devotion to the pleasures of the flesh. One that sends Constance spiraling into the modern age, where class doesn't matter and men and women strive to be equal partners both in and out of the boudoir.

Clifford, on the other hand, remains behind in his cozy concept of traditional England, dotingly tended to by Mrs.

Once banned for its frank depiction of sexuality and sensuality, "Lady Chatterley" is, at heart, about class constrictions and the often suffocating bonds of motherly and spousal love. Lawrence's meditative and passionate novel deals with the benumbed and deracinated England after World War I and the emergence of "a new man" (personified by Lady Chatterley's lover, the gamekeeper Oliver Mellors) who not only transcends class, but embodies both the masculine and feminine ideals — someone who is both rough and tender.

Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" only for the sexy parts may be surprised to realize there is a lot more to the novel.

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