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Camilla’s (and most other teenagers’) obsession with the lives of people online means they are all striving to emulate the glamorous, zany and, let’s face it, entirely airbrushed existence of these modern role models.

she has lots of friends and when they can slip or charm their way past the watchful bouncers of London’s bars, they like to drink cocktails and enjoy being nearly grown up.Certainly, teenagers are more introspective than ever.Being plugged in online 24/7 means that they don’t even have to leave their bedrooms to communicate, socialise or meet new people.If I was to mention such You Tube stars as ‘Charlieissocoollike’ (24-year-old Charlie Mc Donnell, who chats and sings in his video blogs, and was the first UK ‘You Tuber’ to hit one million subscribers), or Sprinkleofglitter (Louise Watson, who gives girl-orientated advice on beauty, life and style) to most adults, I would be met with a blank look.Many teenagers, however, consider them virtually close friends, and take everything they say as gospel.

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The former teacher also spoke to 14-year-old Grant (picture posed by model), who's being bullied so badly online that he is beginning to take more seriously the ‘hundreds’ of suggestions he gets a day to kill himself This is the first generation that grew up from birth under the internet’s watchful eye.

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