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I love this series and their anime back in the day, was fun and the harem was something fresh and really cool to see in an anime, now Its practically the norm.

Is a must read if you want to know where begins this echi, harem, misunderstood era....

Its a classic but i dont think its great its just ok....

Create your character and seduce sweet girls in this simulation dating game.

People talking about repetitive, cliche, plot already used.

What they don't think for a moment this is a manga from 1998 and is probably the father of the harem and slice of life genres also the comedy used was nailed for that time and era, the thing is people or younger generations have being seeing this plot already in plenty other newer mangas who use and improve the series formula create it for Akamatsu sensei, I don't disagree with if you read it now you are going to find this silly and simple.

Note: Won the 25th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen in 2001.In my opinion I believe that Love Hina truly started the era of Slice of Life and Becoming of Age manga.However, like many good manga, it started getting too ridiculous and it took a very long time for Akamatsu Ken to bring it back on track (if he ever did). Plus some of the characters are completely annoying - at least in the beginning.That is to say, while not everything in Love Hina is an "Akamatsu original" idea (as the genre and some of the tropes go back farther than that), it's fair to say that it was Love Hina that firmly cemented them in the minds of manga creators and readers as it was the first harem manga to take off like a rocket in popularity.There is really now way of knowing how much of a shot in the arm Love Hina was to a flagging manga industry when it came out, but if you were to say it revitalised it and inspired dozens of careers, you wouldn't be wrong.

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