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The disconnect was retained because the Belgian military wanted to make sure magazines didn't drop free on their own when released, and conveniently enough the existing magazine disconnect design already did this.

While modern shooters consider it a very good thing for magazines to cleanly drop free when released, so as to enable faster reloading, the Belgian generals at the time were more worried about their troops simply throwing away empty magazines and thus requiring a constant purchase of replacement mags.

The gun has had multiple claims to fame: The gun is occasionally looked upon poorly by military users and firearm enthusiasts due to being bulkier than the 1911, generally poor performance in dirty conditions, and the 9x19mm's perceived lack of stopping power compared to the larger .45 ACP.Later models, designated the F and the FS series, have replaced this with a combination safety and decocker similar to the one seen on the Beretta 92.The Cheetah series was popular in the 80s, as it represented one of the best combinations of features available in a semi-automatic pistol at the time.The M9 is now being officially phased out in favor of the SIG Sauer P320 for the U. Chambered for the .32 ACP, .380 ACP, and .22 Long Rifle rounds, the Cheetah provides a well-balanced offering of both concealability and firepower (with the most popular model, the 84, holding 13 rounds of .380, more than double that of the PPK).In addition, earlier models possessed a frame-mounted manual safety, allowing for the popular "cocked-and-locked" style carry made famous by the 1911 and Browning Hi-Power.

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A 9mm pistol originally designed by John Browning for Belgian arms company Fabrique Nationale, and finished after his death by FN designer Dieudonne Saive, this pistol was first released in 1935, and has seen continuous service since then.

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