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Systemwide Panels (such as the Fonts panel), float on top of all open windows no matter the application. Mac Cocoa application, you get a standard blank, window by default.Apple suggests the following guidelines: that are part of the Main Window (like the Pages app shown below), instead of using Panel Windows: For more information, see the Panels section of Apple's OS X Human Interface Guidelines and our Mac Inspector sample app for a full implementation of an Inspector Interface in a Xamarin. This windows is defined in a See Apple's Introduction to Windows and NSWindow documentation for more details.But this isn't always the case, for example, a Color Picker could be open and be the Key window that the user is interacting with to change the state of an item in the Document Window (which would still be the Main Window).The Main and Key Windows (if they are separate) are always active, are open windows that are not in the foreground.

Mac Internals document as well, it explains the commands used to wire-up your C# classes to Objective-C objects and UI Elements.The first time this property is accessed, it will lazily create an image representation of the window and place that into a layer which is then animatable.When you are done with the layer, you are responsible for calling , which will remove the extra window and release resources.Please see our Introduction to Xcode and Interface Builder documentation for more information about using Interface Builder to create and enable controls.As an example, let's drag a Toolbar from the Library Inspector onto the window in the Interface Editor: Next, drag in a Text View and size it to fill the area under the toolbar: Since we want the Text View to shrink and grow as the window's size changes, let's switch to the Constraint Editor and add the following constraints: By clicking the for Red I-Beams at the top of the editor and clicking Add 4 Constraints, we are telling the text view to stick to the given X, Y coordinates and grow or shrink horizontally and vertically as the window is resized.

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For example, a text editor application could have more than one document open at a time, only the Main Window would be active, all others would be inactive.

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