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In doing the former, Grossman is not being terribly original - I found the discussions of emotional and physical distance from the victim, obedience to authority and group absolution of responsibility, taught me nothing new, although someone with little knowledge of these topics might find them pretty fascinating (they are fascinating topics).Where Grossman really shines is in his discussions of psychiatric casualties.No more stationary white circles collected at the end of the session!Explains Grossman:"In behavioral terms, the man shape popping up in the soldier's field of fire is the 'conditioned stimulus', the immediate engaging of the target is the 'target behavior'.Soldiers were resorting to a number of options, anything that meant that they didn't have to kill. When the fighting at Gettysburg was over, 27,574 muskets were found on the battlefield. Given that loading a weapon took roughly twenty times as long as firing it, the chances of these muskets representing mostly soldiers cut down just as they intended to shoot are slim.

Yet such was the facts in this instance."What was happening? These soldiers would then be carrying loaded weapons or would have loaded their weapons multiple times.The bombers expected massive numbers of PCs among civilians... Anecdotal evidence bears this out - when prisons are bombed, psychological trauma is observed only in guards, not prisoners.Both groups are endangered, but only one holds the moral responsibility for the lives of others. Soldiers on patrol in enemy territory are in incredibly dangerous positions.Unlike other forums, participation in our support group is anonymous.We use the Disqus commenting system to keep the trolls, haters and spammers at bay.

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One day, I decided to read other people’s stories about their experiences with synthetic marijuana around the web.

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