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The imposing National Parliament is definitely worth a gander, as is the National Museum and Art Gallery which has one of the world’s best primitive art collections and numerous exhibits on PNG culture.The National Capital Botanical Gardens has a diverse and well-maintained sampling of tropical vegetation.Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, and encompasses another 600 or so small islands (though only 40 of these are significantly inhabited).

Safe and secure, the resort offers diving, kayaking, and fishing as well as hiking on island trails in crime-protected surrounds.An all-year tropical destination with slight regional climatic differences, it is driest, for the most part, between May and December.The jungle that blankets the main island’s highlands is so dense that some isolated communities were unaware of each other for centuries. is a form of Melanesian pidgin which, with its English and German input, became an artificial lingua franca.It was promoted by missionaries and colonial officials, the Germans having once colonised the country’s north.Though a highly effective form of communication it does tend to amuse visitors, who encounter words such as bagarap for broken, sit haus for toilet, Though conventional wisdom would have you out of Port Moresby and into more appealing parts of the country as soon as possible, the city is not without its appeal to tourists.

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