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Is she still dating Patrick, what's Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder been up to?Scroll down to find the answers Stassi and her sports junkie boyfriend, Patrick Meagher appeared to have lighted up their romance again.Chief among them is Stassi Schroeder, a 29-year-old waitress turned influencer. Could you see yourself waitressing at SUR or somewhere else again? I mean, I quit SUR more than four years ago now, so it’s been quite a while.She has 1 million followers on Instagram, a personal style website, and a popular podcast called “Straight Up With Stassi.” That last thing got her in trouble recently. So, I’m sure you have brands sending you things all the time. You’ve talked about growing up in New Orleans and your family’s experience with Hurricane Katrina.

“My whole podcast was built around this notion, a notion revolving around women supporting women and having a safe space to discuss whatever we wanted in the most uncensored way possible.” What has Schroeder learned? Like, you guys have 18-year-old Instagram ho models [using the app]. You know, I wrote a really long letter after this, because I spent — once I realized that people were upset over it, I sent out a tweet and said, “I want to hear everyone’s stories on either side. You don’t just have to go to school and become an architect and that’s it. I mean, I love my podcast, I love doing television, and I would really like to combine that in some digital type of way. I love horror films and documentaries on that stuff. I remember on Inauguration Day you praised Melania Trump’s outfit.

star Stassi Schroeder told Andy Cohen she is "in a relationship right now" with a new guy!

Related: Stassi Went FULL Scream Queen On Her Birthday As seen on the hit Bravo show, the reality TV starlet previously dated Patrick Meagher until August 2017.

The couple then reconciled after Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney‘s wedding last summer, but Meagher ended up dumping her in August by ditching their four-year anniversary trip to Mexico.

By that time, the show had wrapped filming for its sixth season, reports the publication.

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