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In 2007, NY Minute Dating took the local dating scene by storm, becoming so popular that the company has since expanded to big cities across the US and has plans to grow into Canada.

One of the hallmarks of the First Dates organization is using technology to bring people together.

“We do all the work to bring people where they can meet like-minded singles like themselves.” The Founders of First Dates and its sister companies came up with the idea to run speed dating events because they were looking for ways to drum up excitement at local New York City venues, including restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Speed dating was an up-and-coming trend at the time, so the young college-educated entrepreneurs capitalized on it and began hosting speed dating events and singles parties in New York City.

The company’s next project is a platform to send out events to active daters on its mailing list.

Whether it’s a museum tour or a hiking group, this leading dating agency seeks to give men and women more opportunities to meet and have fun in the community.

My Windows98 required a lot of patience with its slow-as-molasses loading times, so when I got my first laptop in 2008, I was amazed by how lightning fast it was.

Suddenly, the entire internet was at my command, with absolutely no waiting, and it was sheer bliss.

The structured and low-pressure environment facilitates romance between men and women of all ages and cultures.Speed dating events can feel just as liberating for singles who are tired of slogging through bad dates and dead-end conversations.In one evening, you can connect with dozens of potential matches and speed your way into a new connection with someone special.Whether you’re an older woman seeking a younger man or a Jewish man seeking someone of the same faith, you can have your pick at First Dates.“Our customers run the whole gamut,” Damien told us.

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  1. We have created One Night Friend as a venue for those singles who are looking for something noncommittal than love and soulmates, and who think of online dating as a far less than serious pursuit.