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The conventional wisdom is that "men court, then women choose." Reality is the opposite. Women who follow "the rules" and passively wait get the 20% of men that other women don't want often find that "the good ones are taken" by women who take an active role in courtship. We invented a game to play in the front yard, and played happily all afternoon. If an unfamiliar man approaches a woman, her reaction is, "I don't know you. Leave me alone." Even a man who has been with his girlfriend for years will sometimes have trouble making her open up in the way she does with her own grilfriends. I asked her questions on the run out-"Where are you from" "Where do you work," etc. On the run back a woman asked her the same questions-and she happily chatted away, answering in long paragraphs.

“These errors follow the predictions of error-managementtheory.” Two studies can’t fully unravel how this stuff works, of course: There’s still a lot to learn about how nature and nurture interact when it comes to sexual misperception, particularly in countries that, unlike the and Norway, aren’t “weird” — that is, Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic.

According to the "the rules," women sit by the phone waiting for men to call.

This Gator was brought in because it was blowing out LOTS …

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