Physical boundaries for chaste dating

Christians take care not to behave in a way that could stumble others.​—2 Corinthians 6:3. Avoid risky settings, such as being alone in a parked car or in a house or an apartment. ● Explain how fornication, uncleanness, and loose conduct differ.

[Blurb on page 46] “My fiancé and I have read together Bible-based articles on staying chaste.

□ True □ False NO DOUBT you’ve thought about this subject a lot.

□ True □ False If a dating couple don’t take sexual liberties, they can’t really be in love.

Wise boundaries can be like smoke detectors that sound an alarm at the first hint of fire. If you’re engaged, you need to discuss some intimate matters.

Such ones may be guilty of what the apostle Paul called “loose conduct.” The Greek word for “loose conduct” means ‘outrageous acts, excess, insolence, unbridled lust.’ Surely you want to avoid coming to be “past all moral sense” by giving yourself over to “loose conduct to work uncleanness of every sort with greediness.”​—Ephesians -19. “One day my boyfriend came over when my mother wasn’t home, supposedly just to watch TV,” she says. Did Laura’s boyfriend really care for her, or was he just seeking selfish gratification?

● If a dating couple don’t take sexual liberties, they can’t really be in love. Contrary to what some may think, taking improper sexual liberties doesn’t deepen a relationship. Is someone who tries to draw you into unclean behavior really showing that he loves you?

“Sometimes it would work, but a few times it didn’t.” Therefore, talk to your parents.

The Bible also gives this good advice: “Call the older men of the congregation.” (James ) These Christian shepherds can give counsel, advice, and reproof so that you can get your relationship with God back on track.

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