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A new firmware update which removes the camera from the cloud whenever a hard reset occurs.

Thus, even if a used camera is sold to a new customer without going through our facility, the camera will be disassociated from the cloud once a hard reset is performed.3.

Please contact us directly at [email protected], as you purchased it through Amazon.

The email will go directly to us and not Amazon and I promise we will do everything we can to assist you or answer any questions. We hope we were able to clear up any concerns you may have.

I received a more or less stock response from their customer service rep and in an email reply to an email I sent them, documenting the problem.

I cannot contact the young lady into whose bedroom I can see, and neither Amcrest nor Amazon seem concerned. This issue needs to go big and people need to hear loud and clear about this problem.

Note that at Amcrest, we have several measures in place to prevent this from happening including:1.

Any help or getting the word out is greatly appreciated.

I have taken screen shots of the email notifications, the email itself, and others to document the situation.

Notifying Amazon and all authorized retailers of this issue and requiring them to return all used/returned cameras to us directly so that we can remove them from the Cloud.

Retailers are not authorized to resell used cameras.2.

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