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Not to justify his wrongdoing, but to partially explain Laux's ignorance, Houser told me that Laux's training was far inferior to what officers receive today: “Charlie was in his third 4-year term as sheriff in 1993. His basic training experience was probably in the late 70's or early 80's, when it lasted all of six weeks.” Today, Brandon Teena’s experience would be different, Houser said.

Richardson County now has access to services from Project Response, a support advocacy group based out of Omaha and Lincoln that assists with domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

I wondered if the stain of Laux’s legacy still lingered in Falls City's Sheriff's Office, or if they'd made procedural efforts to improve their dealings with LGBT populations.

Peirce, who also spent more than half a decade researching and making her film, chose to underscore the disturbing and participatory nature of Laux's questions about the crime by playing out the rape scene in flashback with Swank's voiceover, as she gets grilled by Laux.

When I recently spoke with Peirce, she noted “a level of provocation and pleasure [that Laux derived] out of making Brandon relive his own torture.”Despite ample evidence, Laux neglected to apprehend and charge Lotter and Nissen, giving them the opportunity to plan and execute Brandon's murder twenty years ago today on December 31, 1993.

He started dating Lana Tisdel, and found a family of sorts in her inner circle of friends, including John Lotter and Marvin “Tom” Nissen.

But upon discovering Brandon was a biological female, Lotter and Nissen became obsessed with proving his anatomy to Lana, forcibly disrobing him in a bathroom on Christmas Eve, and hours later, raping him.

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While he's sure there are some gays in town, “they're not overt about it. '“I couldn't quite tell if he meant it approvingly—as if gays should avoid public displays of affection—or if he was just reporting.

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