Slippery rock dating

The changing position of his abdominal muscles will give you a variety of surfaces to grind against, and the different angles of his penis will stimulate all kinds of spots inside of you.

Try leaning back slightly, which will increase the stimulation of your G-spot. You can either stay still, or, alternatively, push your hips back against him.

Your bed has to be the right height for this to work, but he’ll be able to thrust much more intensely if he’s standing.

(Spoiler: Lube is key.)Every woman is different when it comes to orgasm, but the following five positions are the ones that tend to lead to success the most frequently.You can also try grinding your pelvis in slow circles or in a figure-eight motion.Why it works: Being on top is the most popular position for a lot of women because it gives them complete control over the pace, angle, depth, and level of stimulation.Try using one hand to rub your clit, or have him reach around your body and rub your clitoris for you.You can also have him stand beside the bed while you stay on all fours on top of it.

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He can either crouch low or lay down on top of you.

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