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When Gardynik was arrested in November 2014, after investigations, she was found to be living with a Polish man.

"Morgan thought it was necessary, in order to justify his gamble, that they should reach New York and unload all the passengers before the inevitable explosions occurred," he said.

'There you are, a young man of 19 urinating on the war memorial erected to honour the memory of so many other young men.

MMI is essentially like ‘speed dating’ with a twist…

Mr Wilkins told the court Rajpal went to Southampton Register Office in July 2014, six months after his visa had actually expired, to inform them of his desire to marry Gardynik.

The pair booked their wedding for the next month, but just weeks before they tied the knot immigration officials raided a flat belonging to Justyna Sobieraj - who is accused of masterminding the alleged sham marriage.

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