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One would need to convert an original Poi file back to format to see how it was setup to be able to make the changes for our files to work on that satnav.If any one has used our data on the Merc satnav and solved the muting problem please tell us about it. Maar toe verander die Update Express skerm na een met mider opsies.

Refer to your router manufacturer's user guide for specific instructions.Thanks Jan, I have been successful in updating the Garmin Map Pilot on the car by using POI loader some time ago already. Reason is, when the system warns you of a potential traffic cam position, the sound completely goes off (if you're listening to the radio / cd etc... Once you've passed the location of the cam, it a few seconds before the sound returns to the radio etc.Maybe someone has a way to fix this issue as it's quite irritating.An updated map downloads to your computer in a compressed format.When you extract the file, the map require double the size of the compressed file to open properly.

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