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Tenontosaurus tilletti and Tenontosaurus dossi are pictured in front of Trix Stranger experiments have also provided a glimpse into how the animals walked.

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thus not affecting big companies (which lose alot from holidays but are already above the min vacaton requirements) but would mean those with lower pay scale jobs would see a lil more of a boost..lets not forget the coolest thing ever KINDER EGGS!!!

Apparently autism was not diagnosed as easily during the 40's and 50's, and Judge Wappner and K mart ( and Wyle E Hoffman was not a cool name as Coyote) where not yet in vogue,...hence the single focus of Wyle EOverseas workers in 3rd world countries working for pennies a day inject each cube with a hyperdermic needle filled with caramel, it is a paintstaking and slow process, that's why it is a secret.

Wyle E Coyore was awesome and tom and jerry, sylvester and tweety, bugs and elmer Gargamel and the smurfs. Coyote, he always got pummeled by the sheep dog or by his own contraption.

I often wonder how many child injuries were caused by the dukes of hazard....

She said: 'When we started the search for a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I could not have imagined us finding such a remarkable and distinctive individual' A display of the Deinonychus antirrhopus, a genus of carnivorous dromaeosaurid coelurosaurian dinosaurs and the Tenontosaurus, a genus of ornithopod dinosaur.

As far as naps during the afternoon.........................mean you don't?

airbubbles ...*see caramilk bar above, but substitute air for used to be in coffee crisp until the great coffee famine of '53, when locusts wiped out all the coffee bean plants in Nestle's plantation. Who are you kidding missy....she's the only female smurf...there is a line up at her door and she gets to nail them all if she wants it!!!!!!

I have finally given up on trying to figure out how they get the deer to cross the road at the little yellow sign, but a few childhood annoyances still kinda bother me.a) Why won't they let the rabbit have any Trix cereal?

b) Why didn't Wyle E Coyote ever get to eat the Road Runner? And if he couldn't, why didn't he stop wasting his money at Acme, and just go buy dinner?

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Pepchew bars where recalled during the past decade when consumer groups found the ingrediants used where early nanotechnology designed by dentists to attack and destroy your teeth below the lets not forget the coolest thing ever KINDER EGGS!!! We are thinking Papa Smurf, but why have an old fart like him when she couldve had brainy smurf, musclw smurf or even dumb smurf....couldve have a bigger peepee, and lasted ALOT longer then Papa Smurf......beeotch sold out!!

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