Updating linux kernal

Once you complete the above commands, UKUU is installed and ready to. Search for it and click on the entry to fire up the tool.

When it starts up, it will update the listing of kernels and then display all of the available iterations for your machine (Figure A).

After upgrading the kernel, you'll have to reboot your Pi to switch to the updated version.

If your Linux machines happen to include a GUI (and you want them running a more recent kernel), UKUU is a great route to kernel upgrade nirvana.Out of the box, my updated Ubuntu 16.10 instance was running the kernel.The most recent stable kernel I could update to, using UKUU, is 4.10.9 (a significant upgrade).This tool is UKUU and it does a fantastic job of making kernel upgrades simple.UKUU offers the following features: I want to walk you through the process of installing and using UKUU, so you can experience the kernel you want on your Linux machines.

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