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Perhaps you've also noticed that Mail is no longer able to add events and invitations to your Calendar program.

It appears this may be a bug in how Mail transverses an alias to a cloud storage or syncing service.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail can at first seem like a difficult process, but Apple provides some built-in troubleshooting tools that can help you get your Mail application up and running quickly.

While the troubleshooting tools can take care of many of the Mail issues you may run into, there are other Mail-related problems that the built-in troubleshooting tools won't be able to diagnose.

Instead, you can use your Mac's Mail app and send and receive i Cloud mail just like any other email account you may have. Mail already knows most of the settings an i Cloud mail account needs, so you won't need to search for obscure server names to get i Cloud mail up and running…

My problem seems rather simple, but I can't find an answer. I am wanting to obviously keep all my previous emails in my box, and have all future emails send to the same inbox.

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While Mail will work just fine with i Cloud and its services, if you've decided to use Google, Dropbox, or other cloud-based services, then you may run into this problem.

If you're using OS X Mountain Lion or later, we may have the fix you're looking for right here…

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