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For this look you’ll need a black, over-sized t-shirt that fits you loosely, as well as scissors and a snug-fitting t-shirt with a graphic print on the front.

Take the black shirt and cut some thin rectangles in the front.

To add vintage flair, chop off the waistband, remove one of the back pockets, slit the hems or wear them down with a cheese grater.

Then decorate it with costume jewelry, sequin appliques or flower patches to give it a '70s hippie look.

If he no longer wears it, then put it to good use by chopping it off at mid-thigh level and cinching a wide belt around your waist.

Now you have one of this season's trendiest outfits - a sweater dress!

Broad City is an American comedy television series, created by and starring Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson.

You’re pretty much done but if you get annoyed having to pull on the trim like a sock each time you want to wear your boots, you might want to adhere the trim in place with a special shoe glue you can buy from any hardware store.Amy Poehler became aware of the series and mentored Glazer and Jacobson, becoming executive producer when the show came to TV.When Glazer and Jacobson wrote the pilot script, their characters were named Evelyn Wexler and Carly Abrams respectively, but ended up using their real first names instead.Glazer and Jacobson met when they both attended courses at the Upright Citizens Brigade.In February 2010 they started their own web series on You Tube, which proved popular.

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