Updating xml clob in oracle

WRITE(lob_loc, LENGTH(p_document), 1, p_document); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_UD_CLOB ( p_document IN VARCHAR2, p_id IN NUMBER) IS lob_loc CLOB; BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDDOC INTO lob_loc FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDDOCID = p_id FOR UPDATE; DBMS_LOB.WRITE(lob_loc, LENGTH(p_document), 1, p_document); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_RD_CLOB ( p_id IN NUMBER, p_clob OUT VARCHAR2) IS BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDDOC INTO p_clob FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDDOCID = p_id; END; / Just wanted to update for anyone using newer releases of Oracle and have stumbled across this (like I did), you no longer have to use dbms_lob.write to write to CLOBs.So the whitespace (pretty print) was lost when the XML was parsed prior to performing the update.” select HGO_ID, t.

I needed to create anonymous data, for instance regarding the update hgo.hgo010_detam t set t.gegevens=update XML (t.gegevens,'/wwb: WW-HISTORIE/R801FINR/R801-NUM-FIS/text()' ,'Marco','xmlns:wwb=" where hgo_id=18383; 1 row updated.Pretty print layout and all the white spaces where gone…I mentioned the effect on the Oracle Tech Net XMLDB forum (forum ID=34) and Mark Drake guessed that the following was probably happening under the covers (Marco is also eager and skillful in other fields, like Operating System Administration and Application Servers, mainly to find working, performing solutions.Marco has been specializing in Oracle XMLDB, since 2003, focusing on his old love, database administration and performance. He is also a dedicated contributor of the Oracle User Group community, helping people with their steep XMLDB learning curve.

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