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With monday.com’s project management tool, you can see what everyone on your team is working in a single glance.Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you. Could be a bad font that is screwing everything up.

So all I can say is change the font or be sure you're not cutting and pasting anything besides the actual text from a word document if this is happening to you.

I've tried everything too...reinvented a style from scratch that had the same features and they made it crash under the same circumstances too.

The eyedropper tool also made it crash as well as cutting and pasting the text from elsewhere in the document. I opened the same file on another computer, same thing.

Certain paragraph styles when applied in in Design cs3 version 5.02 cause my file to crash as well as simply putting one of these styles too close to an okay style causing it to crash.

I know it isn't the typeface, as it happenned once with a different style.

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I replaced them with a anchored text box contening the EM Dash. Fortunately, the same text in In Design CS4 doesn't crash at all.

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